Hicham Talaat Moustafa Group

A large number of new companies have emerged in the real estate market in the past period, after the huge investments made by the government to develop new cities and communities to increase the area of qualified population areas, but despite this expansion there are a limited number of companies are considered the most important real estate companies in Egypt, and top hisham Talaat Moustafa Holding Group Real estate companies in Egypt, for several reasons we monitor the following report .

Talaat Moustafa Group topped the list of the most important real estate investment companies in terms of land portfolio, with a total area of more than 45 million square meters, distributed between the Madinaty project in New Cairo, an area of 33.6 million square meters, and then the city of Rehab and an extension of an area of 4.5 million square meters. »,The city of Marsa Alam with an area of 3.3 million square meters, and then the project Celia in the capital of the new administration, an area of 2.1 million square meters, and the extension of the Four Seasons Hotel Sharm el-Sheikh with an area of 957 thousand square meters, extension Rabwa project in Sheikh Zayed area of 819 thousand square meters.